the stand still period


The 'Stand Still Period' installation evolved from a feeling of creative numbness. A period of time which gave birth to thoughts of movement vs. stillness and facilitated the transformation of creative silence into inspiration. The prints portray this tension; the intuitive shapes are frozen in the midst of movement, all processes of expanding and shifting, swirling and transforming are paused. The feel of the almost see through textiles hanging frozen in space emphasize the suspense. The textile, fluid and tender in its essence, is fixed into position, locked in its settings. It calls the spectator to stop, stand still and view the transforming shapes and emotional prints. hopefully making one pause and allow for a peaceful, serene moment in the midst of this hectic life. 


Photographed by MAlkiella Benshabat, models: Nive Larido & Tamar Rozenzwiege.

showcased in holon design museum, 2019.

© no-no 2019

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