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noam noy is a designer and creator, graduated from the visual communication program in bezalel academy of art and design in 2016. noy combines graphic and textile design in the pursuit of two and three dimensional creation. noy has presented in various art and design fairs such as the tel-aviv illustration week and jerusalem design week, as well as the inprint and leipzig book fairs. her work is showcased and sold in selected stores around tel-aviv and europe.

photo by: guy nahum levi

editorial & press 


I am no-no is a textile brand based in tel-aviv. no-no was created out of longing for material and creating with feelings and storytelling‭, ‬no-no has no right or wrong‭, ‬yes or no‭. ‬no-no‭. ‬there are only mistakes that turn into an idea and a solution‭, ‬an adventure‭. ‬there are stories and feelings and people that‭ ‬turn into colours‭, ‬shapes and lines‭. ‬all these are transformed into textile based installations and digital printed silk scarves‭.‬‭ the silk scarves allow the combination of both worlds, graphic and material‭, ‬three and two dimensional work come together‭.  ‬they exist on the spectrum of practical and non practical‭, creating a dialogue between designer and consumer‭. ‬the silk scarf becomes a raw material, transformed by the individual wearing it, hiding, showing, combining, creating new endless mixtures of pattern the designer could not foreseen. the installations are a way to tell a story and convey a feeling through material. they surround the spectator and for a moment they constitute as his world.

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